Pool Opening

Opening Safety Cover Program (spring loaded covers)poolskimming

Our opening procedure includes 2 separate stops to get your pool ready for the season. Any additional stops or repairs may incur extra charges to the opening. Additional charges may apply for oversized pools and/or extra equipment.

  • Remove owner’s safety cover, fold & put in storage bag.
  • Clean water line in pool.
  • Clean coping & deck with liquid chlorine.
  • Remove plugs, chemically wash spa (if applicable).
  • Summerize filtration equipment and put in working order.
  • Shock treat water & start system.
  • We provide additional cleaning stops, balancing of water chemistry, and on site instructions upon request of the homeowner at an additional fee.

Pool Only starting at $485
Pool and spa starting at $525
*Additional charges will apply for oversized pools and/or extra equipment

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