Weekly Maintenance

Normally, you the homeowner would have to go through the process of opening your pool, purchasing your chemicals, and then start maintaining your pool to keep it clean and swimmable. With the busy schedules that everyone is keeping these days, this task can become somewhat overbearing to say the least. The little bit of free time you get should be used enjoying your pool and not stuck with the task of maintaining its condition.

THE POOL EXPERTS are here to help. We have been operating a very successful Maintenance Program that lets you the homeowner do virtually nothing to your pool but swim.

In reviewing the operations for a normal swimming season, the average homeowner will open their pools, purchase chemicals ( which usually do not include necessary support chemicals) require an average of 4 service stops per season, spend countless hours cleaning their pool and equipment and close their pools in the fall. Compare this expense to our” Full Season” contract where everything is professionally serviced and maintained and l am sure you will agree that the difference is minimal.

Our “Full Season” Contract handles all functions and operations of your swimming pool from Opening to Closing. The Program starts with the Opening of your pool in the Spring, followed by Weekly Maintenance stops throughout the Summer which includes complete cleaning of your pool and surrounding deck area, all chemical applications necessary to properly balance your pool water and the Closing of your pool in the Fall. Also there will be no service charges applied for minor repairs conducted on your scheduled maintenance day. Any major repairs or services provided on any day other than your maintenance day will be subject to additional service charges. Any equipment replacements or parts replaced will be billed in addition to this contract on a monthly basis. Door knockers will be left each week explaining work completed and list any parts replaced that day. Homeowner is responsible to keep pool water at proper operating levels at all times. If any circumstances prevent maintenance on your regular scheduled day, service will be rescheduled at the earliest possible time.

Weekly Maintenance Procedurespool-cleaning
  • Manually Vacuum Pool
  • Skim Pool Surface
  • Brush Pool Walls and Tile Line
  • Empty Skimmer and Pump Baskets
  • Empty Pool Cleaner Bag
  • Water Analysis Each Visit
  • Provide and Apply Balance Chemicals
  • Maintain Equipment for Proper Operation
  • Bucket Back Pool Deck Area
  • Clean/Backwash Filters as Needed


Dates can be changed upon request. Extensions of weekly service is available at additional costs.

In addition to your regular maintenance stop, if you are having a special event we will return to be sure that everything is in perfect condition for you and your guests, at no additional cost.

Monday Maintenance/Shore Goers

The Pool Experts will be continuing our very popular MONDAY MAINTENANCE SERVICE  to accommodate our shore going or weekend traveler customers. Instead of having your pool cleaned and maintained on Thursdays or Fridays, you can have it serviced on Mondays and enjoy it during the weekdays while you are at home. Please contact my office if you are interested in this option.